Sunday, April 25, 2010


I did some quick baking this morning for coffee hour at church today.  Peanut butter bars and oatmeal chocolate chip bars.
Corners missing for quality control purposes, of course.  Both of these were okay, but not fantastic.  Recipes do not need to be passed, I don't think.

There was also some veggie-wrapping breakfast going on.  Start with a wheat tortilla and smear on edamame hummus and plain yogurt, then sprinkle with ground flaxseed.  Tap down the flaxseed with the knife, so it sticks in the yogurt.
Cover in thinly sliced veggies, like cucumber, carrots, and spinach leaves.  Mourn that you used the last two eggs for the baking and don't have a hardboiled one to slip in here.
Wrap and roll!  Take picture and try to figure out why your hand looks so weird in the picture.
Flashback pictures of Mosie when we first found her, tiny and cute.
Our grown up little kitten is now moving on to adult cat food, tuna flavor.  She's been very excited about the change.
I'm off to the grocery store, then church!  Happy Sunday!


  1. hmm..can i come to your church coffee hour this morning?! looks delish. our church doesn't do the homebaked goodies thing, and i miss that sometimes!

  2. The bars look delicious, sorry to hear that weren't spectacular though! I'm still looking for a really really good bar recipe too..

    and yay for your little kitty! too cute when she was a kitten!


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