Monday, May 24, 2010

cookie day

Last Wednesday afternoon I took my car for an oil change and while they were changing the oil, the oil pan cracked, so they had to keep my car longer to fix it.  On Friday morning when we went to pick up the car they told us it was all FREE since they had kept the car longer than expected.  Dave and I really like these mechanics - they're close to our house (a 2 block walk), they're really honest, they do good work, and they're super friendly (friendliness is probably only important to me... Dave doesn't care as much if they're friendly as long as they get the work done at a fair price).  I wanted to make them cookies as a thank you and my unexpected day at home allowed me to do it!

Unfortunately the first recipe I tried was a total fail.  The cookies flattened out - I don't think the recipe called for enough flour.
Dave and I are certainly not above keeping a bunch of cookie crumbles to top our ice cream or just to munch on!  But I didn't really want to take this mess to the guys.  I went back to mom's old standby bar cookie recipe.

Much better.
It is royally hot outside.  Not sure what the rest of the day entails, but hopefully more hanging out with these two!


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