Saturday, May 8, 2010

the drive

An early post, since I'm up, drinking coffee, eating cheerios and raisins, and biding my time til we leave for downtown Indy.

The drive yesterday was pretty uneventful.  We stopped and grabbed Starbucks at 3pm, since they have a special right now of half-off frappes.  We got a venti mocha light, but asked them to split it into two cups.
I maybe drank mine a little faster.

I also honed my skills on Boggle, finally getting to the top of the scoreboard!
Meredith and Vincelli, by the way, are totally fake people.  It galls me to no end that they're beating me.  I'M COMING FOR YOU, "MEREDITH".

We finally got downtown and parked and hit he expo.  Picked up my race packet and a couple headbands from BondiBand.  I made fun of myself in the race recap for wearing headbands... but when push comes to shove, I'm a headband girl 100%.  I can't stand to have hair in my face when I'm running!
I'm wearing the pink one today, which should help Dave to find me in the mass of people.  That and I'm packing a cell phone so I can call him (gasping) at mile 12 to get to the finish line.

Modeling (and background snacking).

Dave also did some modeling of the new swag.

After the expo we went to Brian and Nicole's apartment to hang out and have dinner.  We stopped by their new house and took a tour, then enjoyed some awesome squash lasagna, salad, and edamame.  With a little bit of ice cream and cookies for dessert.  Then bed!

I'm going to gather up my stuff to head downtown again!  Here goes!  Oh, and check out the current weather wind conditions.

Right Now

Cloudy / Windy
47° F
Feels Like: 40° F
Wind: From W at 20mph gusting to 28mph


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