Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ice cream babies

Dave and I met up with our friend, Rachel, last night at Ivanhoes, an awesome ice cream place in Upland, Indiana.  Dave and I split the Turkey Tracks sundae - vanilla soft serve with fudge, pretzels, and chopped reese's cups.  You want honesty?  I did not want to share, but Dave convinced me to given that it would be 1) more cost effective and 2) I probably wouldn't have "I ate too much ice cream" guilt later if we split it.  He was right, of course, but when it comes to sharing certain things, like ice cream and popcorn, I tend to be tight-fisted and greedy a hard sell.  It was delicious, but sadly, I don't have a picture.  I DO have a picture of beautiful and adorably pregnant Rachel, due July 4!
She let me feel the baby... although I had a hard time understanding the difference between pregnant belly and baby's shoulder.  Hopefully I'll hone my skills at that and be better when Dave and I are ready for our own little ones.

Rachel is an amazing friend - we met during college (we went to different schools) through her ex-boyfriend, who was my good friend.  Random connection, yes?  We quickly became fast friends and I even lived for a summer with her and her family!  Except Rachel and I had opposite work schedules, so more often than not we saw each other every few days, and I had a lot of awkward dinners with just me and her dad.  Ha!  Two years ago I also got to stand up with Rachel and Joel at their wedding, in a beautiful backyard ceremony underneath a weeping willow tree!
Love you, Rachel!

After ice cream Dave and I headed back to our Marion "home" and hung out there.  A fox family has moved in to the backyard, and we enjoyed watching the mom and her five little babies frolick and play.  So cute!!  I wish I had pictures, but this one from a google search will have to do...
This was my first time really seeing a fox up close - they are beautiful!!  Dave and I think the little fox kits bound and play just like Mosie!  Have you ever seen a fox up close?


  1. first question- where did you get the black shirt with the bird on it?- love it! second question- where/with whom is your "marion home?"

  2. thanks for making me feel so special! so...those two pictures, almost exactly two years apart - seems like two different lifetimes!
    thanks for spending time with me last night - i love you guys!


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