Friday, May 28, 2010


It's been a busy week and I definitely haven't been posting as much.  Still, the kitchen has been busy!  I made yogurt again this week and it came out even thicker and better than last time - I don't think I had incubated the first batch with warm enough water.  This time I used warmer water in the cooler and the yogurt set up nicely.  I also mixed in sugar and vanilla to some of the batch pre-incubation.  While I'm still working out the ratios (too sweet or not sweet enough), if it's mixed before it incubates it still firms up.

There's also been some veggie roasting, of course.  Lots of broccoli and today sweet potato flaxseed fries.
And some bread baking.  Unfortunately a combination of low-flour supplies and extra humidity led to some flatter loaves.
Still delicious.

Somehow yesterday's ten day forecast for the race went from 73 and slight rain to this:

Scattered T-StormsHigh

That's NOT okay.  Guess my stalking will continue.

We have a pretty open weekend ahead of us.  Do you have big plans for the long weekend?

I think I hear that bread calling my name...

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  1. oh tasty bread! isn't it crazy how weather can affect how our food turns out?!

    uh oh, i hope the weather gets better for your race!


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