Tuesday, May 4, 2010

storm run

I was halfway through my run last night when I heard sirens.  At first I thought it was emergency vehicles somewhere, but then they persisted.  Storm sirens?  I looked toward the northwest and realized oh, those are some big, dark clouds coming in.  Urged on by a concerned elderly woman ("You'd better hurry home!!  Go, go!") I raced the clouds.  I won!  I made it back before a single drop fell.  Check out the clouds I beat:
About five minutes after I got home the wind (which had already been pretty strong) really kicked up.  It would have been miserable (and really hard) to run against.  The storm was nothing more than big winds, some lightning, and a lot of rain, but the clouds were so low that it really looked fierce.

Remember how I said my sister and her husband got chickens?  Here are a few of them!
The lay-er chickens will be named Scrambled, Poached, Omelette, and Over Easy.  The meat chickens will be Cacciatore and Noodle Soup.  Aren't those names great?  I can't wait to see them when I go out to visit in July!  I totally want Dave and I to get chickens some day...

Back to work!  We have a big meeting at 10:30!


  1. oh, i ran from a storm like that this morning, luckily i didn't have sirens though! but i do know how those sound and they're terrifing!

    the clouds look nasty, but at least they didn't turn into tornadoes!

  2. What an intimidating storm! I would feel pretty badass running from that!


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