Friday, May 21, 2010


Dave does not like plain yogurt. I took a little bit of yesterday's plain yogurt and added some brown sugar and vanilla (1/3c. sugar and 1t. vanilla to 2c. yogurt) to make vanilla yogurt.

Win: Taste.  Dave loved the taste and thought it was vanilla-y and sweet, without being TOO sweet.
Fail: Mixing it made the yogurt really thin/soupy, and so far it hasn't thickened up much sitting in the fridge.  Should I add the sugar to the milk prior to heating?  Is there a way to make the yogurt firmer?  Anyone? Anyone?

I woke Mosie up when I scratched her ears and caught her sitting like this:
Dave and I think she might be slightly obsessive compulsive about her litterbox.  Here's why:
  1. When Mosie is upset with us because we're not playing with her she goes to her litterbox and digs angrily.
  2. Coming out of the litterbox she spends at least two minutes scratching the litter, the floor around the box, and the wall around the box.
  3. Sometimes she feels the need to repeat the entire ritual - litter, floor, wall.
On second thought, maybe Dave and I are the ones with a problem - we seem awfully familiar with our cat's litter habits.  We might be obsessed with her.  Dave asserts no... it's just a small house.


  1. the wall scratching thing drives me crazy with my cat!! I was starting to think she was going a little kooky so I'm glad to hear that she's not alone in her OCD habits. Then again, this morning we're playing fetch so I know Hazel isn't a totally normal cat!

  2. I know that for regular yogurt, if you put it in a coffee filter over a small mesh strainer, the whey will drain out, and it will get thicker. Not sure if this will work for homemade or not, but it's worth a try!


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