Friday, June 4, 2010


It's the day before race day!  AH!  I started off my morning with a big peanut butter banana green smoothie - finishing off some spinach that was more than on its last legs - it stank - but luckily still tasted okay in a smoothie.  Apparently I have no standards.

At 11:30 Dave and I closed on our house!  We're officially home owners now!  Crazy!!!  We had some time to kill before closing so we cashed in on National Donut Day at Dunkin Donuts.

Iced mocha and blueberry cake donut for Dave:
Carb-licious multigrain bagel for me!
I'm about to make myself a big bowl of yogurt/fruit/grapenuts/wheat germ/sunflower seeds/chia seeds.  Dinner tonight will be pasta!  And then lots of resting, just like Mosie.


  1. so jealous you got to hit up "national donut day." keri and i wanted to so bad, but thought it might be wrong to drive up in a school bus!

  2. Mmm blueberry cake donut, I love them!


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