Monday, June 28, 2010

I want

Yesterday while Dave was getting fitted for new running shoes I tried on a pair of Vibram Five Finger Bikalis.
 Oh, I can't even tell you how much I want these.  They were so. dang. comfortable.  Like wearing socks.  I talked to the guy at the store who has a pair of these and while these Vibrams are made for road-running, he said he doesn't wear them for that because it's still too hard on his feet/legs.  But he wears them for everyday things and said they're great for strengthening your feet.  I want them to walk around in.  I want them to run in.  I want them on my feet!!

They're also rather $$, so for now, it's a pipe-dream.  Maybe Christmas if I'm a really good girl?

Dave and I love coming home to our new house.  First, because we love the house and are incredibly blessed to have it, and second because of this little face that pops up at the front door when she hears us coming.
 And our favorite: "Why are you standing taking pictures of me?  GET INSIDE AND PET ME."
We are suckers for that kitty.


  1. those are crazy looking shoes/socks?! do they feel like they have much support? i guess, as a flat-footed person, that they might not work so well for me. definitely a fashion statement, though!

  2. The guy eating lunch next to me on Friday was wearing those. He was also reading a very serious book about yoga!

  3. I saw a guy in the Chicago marathon wearing these. He later passed me in bare feet.


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