Wednesday, July 14, 2010

going greek!

My sister-in-law, Jenny, is currently taking two grad classes at a college about 40 minutes from here, which means almost every weeknight she's in the car driving.  Not so much fun.  I offered to make a dinner one night, just to help out, and Jenny accepted.  I tried to make the meal portable, since she would be eating in the car.  I asked my sister, Kelly, for some help in brainstorming ideas.  She suggested spanakopita, which I hadn't ever heard of, but immediately thought it sounded delicious.  Basically it's phyllo dough stuffed with spinach and feta.  Yes, please!

Kel suggested I try pastry puff dough instead of phyllo dough, since it's thicker and easier to work with. With a little googling I quickly found an easy recipe!

And what's a BGK (boygirlkitty) recipe without a couple of my own modifications?  I spiced my spinach and feta with salt and oregano (I don't have any dill).

Here's the goop on the dough:
Baked up!
Along with the spanakopitas I made red potato salad by sauteing onions and potatoes in olive oil and adding in baby tomatoes, italian seasonings, garlic salt, and lemon juice.  
(This could be one of my favorite pictures.  Look how bright and delicious!)

There was a little extra dough leftover, so dessert spanakopitas were born!  And in true BGK fashion they were filled with - what else? - chocolate and peanut butter!
Friends, let me advise you: it's a really good idea to go Greek!  I can't wait to make these again!  Dave observed, "hey, these are like hot pockets."  Not exactly what I was going for, but I'll take it.

What's your favorite "international" food to make?


  1. I used phyllo dough to make a recipe from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan that was really good. It had roasted veggies seasoned Moroccan style...soo good!

  2. remember when i got back from israel and made borekas for you and mom and jill? that's my favorite phyllo concoction. if only you could buy a potato boreka and a beer on the street corners of america, too.

  3. Like hot pockets but not filled with processed molten lava. Yummy girl. YUMMMM-EE

  4. I love curry! LOVE it! Coconut Chicken curry is my favorite


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