Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's been a quiet morning over here.  I got some laundry done and the bathrooms cleaned - I even braved the shower.  I hate cleaning the shower.  I also was reminded how much I hate 409 cleaner.  After you spray you can barely breathe.  I think I might pitch it.  Vinegar and water and baking soda work just fine for me!

It was rainy earlier and the weather is so cool - 70!  All the windows are open and the house feels amazing.  It better soak up the coolness now - I think tomorrow is back to 90.

It's lunchtime.  Or maybe time to join this one for a nap.


  1. i also hate cleaning the shower! being huge pregnant limited me from doing it for months, and my c-section recovery continues to save me from it :) thank goodness joel is sweet enough to brave it!

  2. Method cleaning product is a good gentle and eco friendly alternative. :)


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