Friday, July 23, 2010

lazy legs

When the alarm went off at 5:30am I found far too many excuses to keep me from getting up.  The two primary were:
  1. If you sleep til 7 that's 9 hours of sleep.
  2. You have a long run of 20+ miles tomorrow.
Both were pretty convincing.  And that extra sleep was glorious!  I actually woke up in the middle of a really strange dream, which I can't really remember much of now.  I just know I woke up kind of confused and amused.

I met up with my friend Jenny last night for dinner and ice cream.  I have a new favorite: the peanut butter sundae from Dairy Queen.  Have you had this?  It's so dang good.  I wish it were on McDonald's $1 menu.

More cubicle fun today.  I'm drinking coffee from a Christmas travel mug - Christmas in July?

What's your favorite sundae flavor?


  1. vanilla rice cream with coffee poured on top.

  2. coldstone creamery's toffee coffee lover's: coffee ice cream, roasted pecans, toffee pieces and swirls of chocolate sauce!

  3. I think the extra hours were DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Way to go...
    As for sundae flavors? Basically anything ice cream.
    But I love some sort of chocolatey ice cream with peanut butter or marshmallow topping!

    I am pretty much just an ice cream girl though. Who needs something more when the ice cream is delicious on its own!


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