Wednesday, July 21, 2010

marathon gear

Today I bought two of these shirts in grey:
These are going to be Kelly and I's marathon shirts for our race in September!  We thought the little chickies were appropriately silly.  

Normally I don't wear anything special for a race, but since Kelly and I are doing this one together we thought it would be fun to have shirts.  I've actually had some trouble with my wicking shirts chafing, so an all cotton tshirt might work better for the marathon.  Sometimes the side seams of my wicking shirts will rub me raw.  And the vneck of the tech shirt I wore for the June marathon actually chafed a hole in my skin- it stayed a small, painful scab for a week or two.  I'll be sure to wear this on one of the 20 or 22 mile training runs to make sure it's comfortable.

Mosie was especially lovey today, staying by my feet while I worked.  Normally she curls up in the same room or the next room over.
 Anyone else think my ankle looks like it's at a really uncomfortable angle?  Ow.
I loved having her fur tickling my toes!


  1. I wish I had a cat at my feet at work.

    I love the shirts! I may have to order one myself. :)

  2. I totally think it's fun to match when you run with someone!

    my kitties try to get in my lap quite frequently while I work...sometimes I let them but really it makes it hard to work, so I try to keep moving them to the side

  3. Have you ever tried bodyglide? It helped me a lot!


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