Monday, July 12, 2010


I'll be back later with pictures from my weekend (cute nieces and delicious food!) but here's something that happened while I was gone:
The hot tub is gone!  The hot tub came with the house when we bought it (despite our efforts against that).  While hot tubs are fun, I really didn't want the maintenance or expense of them, and Dave isn't a huge fan of sitting in them.  We decided to give it to our realtor and her husband as a thank-you for all the help they gave us in the house searching/buying process, and because we became friends with them and liked them!  The only catch was they had to remove it - we don't have a truck or the tools for it.  But Saturday morning they came and took it away!  I'm so happy it's gone!!  And I really hope they enjoy it!

Now Dave and I are debating what to do with the space.  Any ideas?


  1. a huge garden! build bench seating, add a trellis, toss in some adirondack chairs, and a fire pit in the middle!


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