Wednesday, August 18, 2010


1. I chose sleep over yassos this morning.  Aiming to do them tonight after work.
2. I don't wash my fruit before I eat it.
3. Sometimes when Mosie is super playful I pick her up and hold her so her paws are just above the floor and she can't quite reach to run away.  It's mean.
4. If I had to, I would choose popcorn over ice cream.  I think.
5. I wear the same two cardigans to the office almost every single week.
6. I used to never wash my water bottle.  Since getting a dishwasher I've improved on this, but only slightly.
7. I absolutely cannot understand people who can't finish a dessert or say "it's too rich."  I have no concept of what this means, and I really can't fathom why you aren't eating the rest of that cake.  I'll take your piece.
8. I'm terrified to try the farmer's blow on runs because I'm pretty sure I'll just streak snot down my face.
9. I don't like to use other people's pillows (after they've used them) because I'm weird about "sleep smell"...
10. ...But I'll share my deodorant, toothbrush, fork, water, napkin with you if you're a friend... or really if you're just a random acquaintance but I feel like you have pretty good hygiene.

What are your confessions?


  1. Really? You can't do the farmer blow? I live by that. I occasionally get a snot streak, but not too much. The key is to do one nostril at a time. I have more trouble spitting than blowing. I'm with you on the dessert thing too. Ana is one who can't finish desserts, but she usually says she can't eat anymore with a super sad face. Poor girl.

  2. i'm telling you the farmers' blow will vastly improve your runs. a couple practice rounds and you'll be a pro at keeping it off your face. and just imagine, no stuffy nose, no runny nose, no wishing for a kleenex ever ever again. :)

  3. Popcorn over ice cream?!?!?! Haha no way!

    But I'm in complete agreement about the cardigans and the "sleep smell."

  4. haha...I love yours!
    I will have to think of a list sometime!


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