Tuesday, August 17, 2010

smell my what?

This past weekend I went to Shipshewana with my friends and had fun exploring the Amish town.  We found this candle:
Um, Smell My WHAT?  Banana Nut Bread/Toasted Coconut/Hazelnut.

I don't want to tell you that we all liked the way it smelled.

**edited to add: I forgot to announce the reader recipe poll winner!  Vegetarian Calzone!  Dave is going to be a happy camper about that one.  Check back Friday morning for the recipe/review!**


  1. That is to funny. I need something like that at my house so when all my friends come over for the football games that start up very soon, we'll have something funny to talk about.

  2. Brian and I have seen that candle in Berne. And of course, Brian took a picture and sent it to all his friends!


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