Tuesday, August 17, 2010

running in the dark

I am in the office today, which generally means no running (unless I go after work... and normally after work I just feel like vegging), but this morning I decided to run before work.  This meant getting up at 4am, but I wanted to try it.  I got a fast 5.5 miles in.  The best part was running in the dark - I always feel faster running in the dark.  Do you?  And it's so peaceful and quiet - just you and your breath and your footfalls.  You concentrate on where you're going and where your feet are landing instead of how far you've gone.  It was cool and humid-less this morning, which made me extra happy, too.  It felt just a little bit like fall.  I'm already planning ahead to my long run this weekend - I'm thinking of getting up really early again, so that at least half my run can be in the dark.

However, when I'm running before the sun comes up I always run in safe areas with streetlights.  My route tends to be around a nursing home/assisted living complex.  Sometimes there are old people out walking, or security guys doing rounds in golf carts.  While it's not busy, I know if something would happen to me I could get help easily.  When it starts getting light I'll venture out into more remote areas, but when it's dark I always try to run in "safe" places.

Do you like to run in the dark?  Do you think about run safety or do just run wherever?


  1. I ride my bike in the dark alot in Taiwan. First of all it gets dark WAY early. Second of all, I feel really safe in Taiwan. Its a busy busy place and there are always people around. And it almost seems normal to be out and riding bike (even if it is dark and 11 or so at night)

  2. Almost all my training runs are in the dark. I get up at 5:30 a.m. and seems it isn't daylight until I am heading back in a hour or so later. I love watching the sunrise.

  3. Julie and I have run in the dark several times and we do feel much faster for some reason - though we are not when we check our time. Wellman is too small to stay in "safe" areas unless we make really tiny laps around town, so we run out in the country since we rarely see any cars out there. Main danger is falling into a pothole and twisting your ankle!

  4. I run in the dark during the winter and surrounding seasons and do the same thing - stay close to home and loop around the lit park. I don't prefer it, actually, but do love the quiet!


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