Thursday, August 19, 2010


My cube got outfitted with awesomeness this morning:
Love love love it!  The previous monitor I had was a leftover from my college days.  It was HUGE and clunky, not to mention mostly broken.  The screen was often green-tinged and would sometimes collapse.  If I smacked my fist on the desk enough times, it would jostle it back to the right position.  It was really helpful.
Not the monitor I had, but close enough.  Picture something from the early 90s.  Enormous.

This new screen is SO bright and beautiful!  I'm giddy about it.

Off to enjoy some leftover lunch - millet, bean taco filling, and tomato paste.  Plus an apple.  I'm eating at my desk so I can leave a little early, hit the grocery store, then get home and make vegetarian calzones before our geriatric-early bedtime.  I'm out of flour.  And I know a certain man who's going to want pepperoni in his un-vegetarian calzone.

Check back tomorrow morning for the recipe/review!

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