Saturday, August 7, 2010

finally: a bed!

As I mentioned on Thursday, Dave and I found side rails for our bed.  We were so excited because we've been moved in about 2 months, have had a mattress for 2 weeks, and still haven't been able to do anything with the headboard/footboard leaning against the wall.  FINALLY!

We picked up the side rails from the antique store and the man had done a little extra work on them!  Initially he had just been replacing the beam on the inside of the side rail - the one that supports the crossbeams and holds the boxspring in place.  But then he decided to strip the boards for us as well!  And he fixed some wobbly bolts. Awesomeness.  Another reason I love antique stores!

Once home we decided to clean them up with Old English polish for dark woods, hoping it might give them a darker stain without us having to go whole-hog and stain and varnish.  It worked!  (One finished, one to go.)
The polish we love!
And the bed put together!  We love how high up it feels after sleeping on the floor for so long!
I'm hitting a long run this morning - aiming for 22.  It is a glorious 61 degrees outside right now!  I can't tell you how much I love that.

Other Saturday activities: breakfast with some friends, babysitting my niece, and maybe some yardwork!  Be back later!


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