Friday, August 20, 2010

long run: fail

It was one of those mornings today.

My run, which was a planned 20-24 miles (20 being on the training plan... 24 being what I hoped to get), ended at 14.  I felt great until mile 12, when I started feeling queasy and headachey.  I figured my electrolytes were getting out of whack so I came home and drank some homemade sports juice.  I headed back out but quickly came home again - I still felt lightheaded and nauseated. I kind of wonder if I had just stuck it out and not come home if I could have made it?  Sometimes knowing home is so close is killer, I think.  In any case, not exactly sure what caused the downfall of that run - I ate steel cut oats and a peach beforehand, I chomped raisins at 1:20 and 2:00, I drank water, it was fairly cool and not horribly humid.  I could probably list a whole bunch of "maybes" or "shoulda/coulda/wouldas", but the fact is, the run ended short and that's that.  I might try to squeeze another 20 in sometime in the next few days or do another run later today.  This was the last long run before marathon taper, so I'm not thrilled about it coming up short.

The morning didn't improve when I tried to make a green smoothie using milk, spinach, half a giant cucumber (seeds scraped out), half a banana, and half a peach.  The cucumber must've been too big and tough, because instead of just adding water to the smoothie it added a pulpy, gritty texture that was absolutely disgusting.  Smoothie fail.  And down the drain it went... at least the spinach was old anyway.  I ended up doing leftover calzone veggies with scrambled eggs.  It wasn't that good either, but at that point I didn't really care.

At least I have tomorrow to look forward to: a trip to IKEA with Dave and siblings!!


  1. sorry. bummer of a morning. hopefully nothing but delightful things will fill the rest of your day! have fun shopping tomorrow!

  2. Can't wait to see all the fun things you buy for the house!

  3. don't forget- please get me 2 packs of those magazine/file folder holders!

  4. LOL - One time I tried to use kale in my green monster b/c I was out of spinach - EPIC GROSS FAIL ;-)

  5. Sorry it was a bum run with the mileage today, but maybe this will help to motivate you on race day? Just trying to think positively. You rock, girl! You can do it!


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