Saturday, August 21, 2010

red lobster

Dave has a serious love for donuts, shootings things with his sling shot, cats, making peanut butter/chocolate concoctions, and Red Lobster.  Last night I thought I would make a Red Lobster-inspired meal for him.  Then I realized the potatoes I was going to use to make garlic mashed potatoes had gone moldy, soft, and were oozing a really foul smelling brown juice.  So it became less of Red Lobster and more just of a shrimp dinner, but that's okay.
Hummus lemon pasta (recipe found here) with roasted broccoli and shrimp.  That hummus-lemon sauce is really different, but really good - a nice twist and tang.  And it's really really easy!  Good things those potatoes went rogue on us, or it might have been awhile til we tried it!

Dave and I are off to IKEA today with a couple of Dave's siblings.  We're SO excited to hang out with them... and are hopeful we can find some great stuff for the house - maybe even a couch!


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