Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Around 9:30am a storm blew through town and we lost power in the office.  By 10:45 most of our laptops had died (with our job computers are pretty much essential)!  We got word that a transformer had blown and that power was estimated to be back on around 12.  So my coworkers and I decided to head out for lunch to kill the time.

First stop: Moe's.  I got a junior Art Vandalay burrito with rice, black beans, guac, lettuce, and toms.
And then, because the power was out:
I got a mixer with reese's pb cups, of course.

I now feel kind of oversugared and gross.  Happy cubicle afternoon... and the power is back on.  There went those "go home early" hopes.


  1. i like moe's but i miss panchero's which i had in illinois! definitely miss culver's though!


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