Wednesday, August 25, 2010

yassos in summary

Today was my last day of yassos!  10 yassos take a good amount of time, so I got up early to get them all in before work.  I started with a 1 mile warm-up, then did 10, then did 1 mile cool-down.  My times weren't my best but also not my worst.  I'll take 'em!  Here's a breakdown of all my yasso weeks:

week 13:47, 3:51, 3:51, 3:53
week 23:59, 3:57, 3:56, 3:56, 3:55
week 33:47, 3:51, 3:46, 3:50, 3:49, 3:50
week 4: skipped
week 53:44, 3:46, 3:50, 3:49, 3:51, 3:50, 3:50, 3:47
week 63:36, 3:39, 3:41, 3:42, 3:43, 3:39, 3:42, 3:42, 3:42
week 7: 3:53, 3:45, 3:46, 3:46, 3:50, 3:56, 3:53, 3:53, 3:51, 3:52

My best time was 3:36, which I got last week (week 6).  Worst time was 3:59, in week 2.  In general I tended to stay around 3:40-3:50... which means, in theory, Kelly and I should get somewhere around 3:50 for our marathon time in September.  It remains to be seen...

While 10 yassos felt like a lot, I think I'll keep up the trackwork.  It was a nice change of pace and I think it really did help me get faster.

Do you do trackwork/speedwork?


  1. awesome job on the yassos! I have stopped doing them since my foot issue, but definitely enjoyed doing trackwork as a change of pace for me.

  2. great job!

    I do speedwork once a week.

  3. I have done speed work. I guess I should start. Yassos are 800 meters, right?

  4. Hey Kim - you have inspired me to try yassos (I've done interval training before, but not yassos). So I did five sets this morning during my run, with one mile warm-up, one mile cool down. I actually liked doing them (not sure how I will feel when I get up to ten though!). Question for you - is it too early to be doing them once a week? I'm three months out from the race, and we are only at 11 miles for the long run. I am weird in that I like speedwork though. Shorter bursts of fast running mized in is easier for me than the twice as long run at a slower pace. I was thinking of keeping it at 4-5 for a few weeks, then following your plan, tapering and doing none for 2-3 weeks prior to the race. Any thoughts on this?


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