Monday, September 6, 2010

morning labor

Our morning has been crazy productive!

First Dave and I hit up Walmart for some groceries.  I shopped while he took the car to the repair center to get our tire looked at.  They found a nail, removed it, and patched the tire - for $5!

Once we got home I started iowa oatmeal bread, bean boiling for chili, and milk heating for yogurt.  It was almost too many things to keep watch of, especially because the milk temp has to be carefully monitored.
Now it's almost noon and the bread is rising for the second time, the yogurt is incubating in the cooler, strawberries have been washed, cored, and sliced, beans are resting before they get boiled again, and nutrigrain bars are in the fridge cooling so they can be cut!

I think painting the living room might be in our future... plus a bike ride to a friend's house, chili making, and dinner with more friends!  Busy busy!

Happy Labor Day!  Don't forget to vote in the reader recipe poll: marshmallow!


  1. sounds like you're having a busy labor day! enjoy the long weekend!

  2. from too much experience three burners at once is a bad idea in the draper household. the smoke detector always goes off and something or someone gets burned :(
    can't wait to hear how it all turned out!


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