Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I think I've become a 5 year old.

I eat cheerios for snacks.

I have a newfound love for animal crackers.

And yesterday I smacked my head on a table corner and got a goose egg on my forehead.
I feel like every little kid between 5 and 7 has a bruise in that exact spot at least once.  Luckily, the bruise never hurt and the goose egg has gone down.  I have a slight purple bruise, but it's not very noticeable anymore.

The living room never did get painted yesterday.  But a whole lot of food got made, I got to spend some time on the couch reading, and I took a bike ride and saw a friend.  So all in all, a pretty good day off!

It's officially marathon week.  You know what that means: compulsive checking, paranoia, obsessive thoughts about my training, what I'll wear, how my last run went, etc.  Make sure to vote in the reader recipe poll, because if anybody is going to need some dessert for sanity this week, it's going to be Dave (and if you really want to help him out, vote for s'mores pie, because that's what he's hoping wins!).


  1. I'm with you on the animal crackers. I just picked up a container to keep in my office at school. Yummy!

  2. you are too fun!
    excited to hear how this weekend goes :)

  3. that's quite the impressive bump! My kids are usually in the middle of the forehead type. So off to the side is more aesthetically pleasing, and not quite as noticeable.


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