Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mosie's Room

We have a closet in our house that we refer to as "Mosie's Room."  In reality, Mosie rarely goes in this closet and we use it for extra storage for exercise equipment, my wedding dress, and the like.  We call it "Mosie's Room" because the previous owners left a cat decal on the wall of the closet.

Today, Dave captured this awesome picture:
Fantastic, eh?  There was a bug on the floor... and I'm just guessing here, but she probably ate it.  She looooves bugs and spiders for eating.  Gross.

Dave is going to be one happy man: s'mores pie is the reader recipe poll winner!  Recipe and review to come Friday morning!

Last time I was prepping for a marathon I went off sugar the week before, hoping it would help me run better.  Not this time.  I trained on copious amounts of ice cream moderate amounts of sugar, I'll run a race on them, too!  Bring it on, s'mores pie!


  1. bummer. I'm going to need the oatmeal creme sandwich cookie recipe. Those are my absolute favorite!

  2. Pretty sure if you did some research, you'd find that most all significant running records have been fueled by copious amounts of ice cream. At least that's what I've chosen to believe in my little world.


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