Thursday, September 16, 2010

my new slicer

Today I bought this:
I'm ridiculously excited about my new electric bread slicer.  And I feel like my mom, since she has one of these, too.  Since we've started making our own bread v. buying it, having a slicer will be really nice.  I'm not necessarily very skilled at making even slices...

Bread is rising... too bad this won't get here for another week or so.  But one day soon, I'll be slicing to my little heart's content.

What's your favorite kitchen appliance?  Mine is probably the Kitchenaid mixer... but I think this one will be running a close second!

Please weigh in on the blog debate!  I would appreciate your insight!


  1. That is not a bread slicer... it clearly is a picture of a meat slicer.... Gosh.... Geez.... DON'T TRY TO LIE TO US!

  2. sounds like a great tool! i'm horrible at slice evenly, so i think this would be helpful. :-)

    my new fave tool is my spiralizer. i'm obsessed with making salads and sweet potato fries right now.

  3. I'm still in love with my food processor that I got several months ago. I still inwardly giggle with glee everytime I use it.

  4. Immersion blender all the way. Saves so much time and mess.


  5. Cuisinart!
    My friend just borrowed it and said if it was human she would marry it. I can understand.

  6. That looks like a great kitchen tool! I love my kitchen aid, too. That and the apple machine for making applesauce.

  7. Hmm...I am thinking I wouldn't mind this bread slicer! I have been making our own bread now and I am horrible at getting good slices!In Taiwan, I don't have any fancy kitchen appliances. So, I am thanful for the old ones :) Crock pot, bread machine, and even my rice cooker :)


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