Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dalliance with dal

I made dal (dahl?) for the first time tonight!  Into the pot: lentils, onion, curry curry curry, diced toms, and the cooked insides of a tiny little butternut squash that I've had far too long and has fallen off the shelf once twice.
The lentils were a little undercooked (my bad) but all in all a very delicious first try at dal!  Dave had his paired with chicken... which he covered in bbq sauce after he ate the dal.

We followed dinner with a little bit of frozen yogurt.  It was rock hard so I took it out to soften and came back to these carvings:

I had a great run tonight, with my fastest ever (I think) time!  I did 9 miles nonstop with an average 8:40min./mi. pace!  It's been awhile since I've really pushed it speed-wise.  I should probably do it more often instead of just coasting through runs.

Off to try to serve up that fro-yo!

**update** I just made a mini oatmeal bedtime snack... here's what I found when I opened the microwave.  I'm not really sure what happened?


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