Sunday, November 15, 2009

second sunday post

I had one of those bottomless pit days today - ate far too much but also felt hungry for a lot of the day.  Or maybe "munchie" more accurately.  In any case, I tried my best to control it with fruit and lentils and roasted sweet potatoes... but some lingering Halloween candy corn and frozen yogurt and sunflower honey bread and big ball oyster crackers might have snuck in there, too.

The frozen yogurt was delicious - a simple blend of greek yogurt (my first time using/eating greek yogurt!), vanilla, 3/4c. sugar, 1/4c. peanut butter, and chocolate chips.  I feel like next time the sugar could be cut out entirely, but Dave might not agree with me on that one.  I'm just not sure the sweetness was really needed, since the greek yogurt is already pretty rich and the pb and chocolate give some sugary kick.  (Emily, I don't have a pic of this but I promise to try better from here on out!)

I ended up backing out on my run - I wasn't very motivated and actually got outside, ran a block, and just wasn't feeling it.  Some days I can push it but today I just really felt "blah" about it - and I don't want to make myself hate running by forcing my body on days it doesn't want to.  So instead I came home and did 5 of Polly's yoga videos - yoga for arms (all those chaturangas are killer!), yoga for runners, yoga for upper thighs, yoga for yummy abs, yoga for your muffin top (so many planks - my wrists were dying!).  For those big time yoga-ers - do your wrists get stronger?  I find plank hard to hold (for longer periods of time) because my wrists get so sore!  I think it ended up being about 50 minutes of yoga.  It felt pretty light (I was by no means spent afterwards) but was a nice change of pace.  Finished it out with some extra plank holds and body extension crunches.

Currently staying up far too late watching the Colts v. Patriots game... an interesting one so far.  Plenty of sub par, messy Colts' plays, but also some brilliant ones.  Every time I tell Dave we should just go to bed we get an interception or touchdown.  And so we remain awake... But c'mon.  It's the dang Patriots.  I'll take a sleepy morning if it means I might get to watch them get beat down.  *update: WE WON!  Touchdown in the last 30 seconds.  And now I can be glad that I'm tired and stayed up... instead of just tired and cranky!  It will be ugly when the alarm goes in 5+ hours... but we won against the stinkin Pats!  Woohoo!!!*

Belated review of the veggie chili I made on Saturday: eh.  It ended up being pretty good, but required more salt to get there then I would have liked.  It tasted a little bit like minestrone and a little bit like chili, so we dubbed it "minestrili."  In retrospect, I think I'd use a little veggie broth and buy the cans of diced toms with chiles instead of just the plain diced toms.  Still, I'll keep playing with it.  I looove chili and we have all winter!

I got my new winter coat on Friday!  Strike a pose.

Off to spend the last few minutes of the game next to Dave.  Then quick teeth brushing and to bed, to bed!


  1. your wrists will definitely get stronger, but you can do counterposes, too, that will help them recover from the new work you're giving them. wrist circles are good, but my favorite is a standing forward bend. then you place your hands palm up on the floor and then stand on your palms. your fingers will be touching your heels and your toes touching your wrists. straighten your knees if you can or leave them bent.


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