Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas, continued

Yesterday Dave and I went to Mishawaka to get my Christmas remote car starter installed.  I now have this fancy doo-da on my keychain!
It makes super cute chirping noises when I remote start it or turn it off.  Yay!

Dave and I had 4-6 hours to kill while Best Buy installed it, so we walked across the parking lot to Olive Garden and split salad, a pizza, chocolate mousse cake, and coffee.  We had planned ahead to go over to University Park Mall and hang out in Barnes and Noble for the afternoon - I had brought a book and Dave had his laptop to do work.  The only problem is that the mall is across 6 lanes of busy traffic with no center median and huge piles of snow on the side from plowing, so no sidewalks.  Not exactly pedestrian friendly.  We felt a bit like idiots walking on the side of the road (and also a little fearful), tried to gauge the lights (between turn arrows and everything it was really confusing), then just made a run for it.  We made it there and back without dying or getting honked at (Dave thinks we might have gotten one middle finger), so we consider it a victory.

In the vein of Christmas, continued, I made green and red oats this morning!  I've been toying with the idea of green oats for awhile.  Green smoothies turned out to be delicious, so why not green oats?  I blended a giant handful of oats in some water in the blender, poured it over my oats, and microwaved as normal.  Oats pre-toppings:
And with plain yogurt and fruit (pureed strawberries and peaches):
Christmas oats!  This was really good.  The taste was slightly different from regular oats, but not anything bad or even that noticeable.  I gobbled them up, same as always.  And you get the benefit of an extra serving of veggies to start your day!

I've got a couple hours to kill before church so I'm off to read, make the bed, play with Mosie, and do some stretching.


  1. *oohs & awws at pretty christmas oats*

    your keychain thingy looks tres chic! hope that it saves you time/warmth on many a frosty morn. do you know whether there are less expensive models that just chirp? i think that would be nice.

    what book are you reading (you mentioned bringing it along)? i just finished "Parker's Back," a short story by Flannery O'Connor--probably 9 pages long. i'm really loving short stories right now and trying to write a couple of my own. have you written any poems recently?

  2. wow you are adventurous, crossing traffic and green oats!! Hope you love your car starter

  3. super colorful oats, kim! that's one way to fit in those veggies. :-) right now i'm addicted to putting applesauce in my oats.

  4. so is your remote starter working? i keep forgetting to ask. how sweet!

    i don't know about those green oats though...yikes! at first I thought the red stuff was ketchup. now that would be a little over the top.

    i loved your traffic crossing story. :-)


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