Wednesday, January 13, 2010

home again

I arrived home last night to find Dave doing dishes and making dinner!  He proudly showed me his meal:
A supreme pizza.  The best part?  My sweet husband picked the meat off half of it so I could enjoy just veggies!  I quick boiled up some endamame for us, too.  I had been thinking about pizza earlier today.  It tasted great!

After dinner we settled down to watch Arrested Development... and downward spiraled into some junk eating.  I'd had a long 2 days at work with some meetings and things causing some frustration/ambiguity... so I was somewhat eating out of that.  We enjoyed some moose tracks extreme ice cream and popcorn... at which point I ate a kiwi to stop myself from eating anything else.  Sometimes when I'm in a junk food kick I'll just keep going, cycling between salty, sweet, crunchy, etc. until I've eaten tons and still don't feel satisfied.  If I eat something healthy it'll often help me settle down and clean out my mouth.

I keep debating if I should hit the gym this morning or this afternoon.  Later this week (maybe even today?) it's supposed to warm up a little that running outside might be an option!!!  I also need to finish unpacking from Marion, do some serious cleaning around the house, go to Richele's classroom, pick up some groceries, finish Christmas thank you notes, drop off the recycling... I should get a move on!

This is how you know your cat really wants to play: she sits motionless watching you for minutes on end, just staring:
Stalker kitten.

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