Thursday, January 14, 2010

eats and such

I ran outside again!  Yesterday I stopped debating gym/outside/gym/outside and just went for it.  It was glorious!  Sunny, cool (low 20s with windchilld), and not icy!  This morning I was back to the gym since I needed to be ready by 8 to receive Talia and my hip felt a little sore, so I just did the stairmaster.  Maybe another outside run tomorrow?  I am digging this great weather!

Some new things from the kitchen:

Veggies in peanut sauce.  Mmmm.  I LOVE peanut butter but hadn't ever tried it this way.  YUM.  Peanut butter (I used the peanut butter I made), soy sauce, and red wine vinegar.  Yum yum yum!  (Sorry no picture... I just wanted to eat.)

Banana butter.  One banana, 2-3T. peanut butter, whir in the food processor.  It comes out super creamy and de-lic-ious.  I've used it to dip apples in and to top oatmeal.  This is a great way for me to use up bananas past their prime.  I'm super banana picky (I like them slightly green and when they're yellow they're starting to go downhill for me.  Needless to say I buy bananas in very small quantities but still find myself faced with a too-ripe-banana (which most people would probably deem a perfectly-ripe-banana).  (Sorry no picture... it wasn't very photogenic.)

Chocolate sheet cake.  We have staff supper tonight so I decided to make chocolate cake.  I only had whole wheat flour, so I'm a little concerned about the consistency of the cake, but I'm fairly certain it'll be good still.  It's chocolate cake.  With delectable homemade icing.  How can I fail?  (Sorry for the less-than-awesome-quality picture.)

Talia and I had a great time together.  She was fighting sleep this morning and couldn't be calmed by walking, rocking, swaying, or patting.  What finally got her?  Squats.  As soon as I started squatting she stopped crying and shortly thereafter was sleeping.  In the afternoon she was getting tired and fussy so I started walking her which made her angry.  I laid her down on a blanket on the couch and she put herself to sleep lickety-split.  Funny girl!  Other aspects of the day included smiling and laughing (both of us), two naps (Talia), baking the cake (both of us), and filling pants (both... haha.  Just Talia!).

I'm off to pick up the car from the mechanic - love having the mechanic two blocks away!


  1. I'm with you on the bananas 100%.

  2. The weather has been fantastic! It's so exciting. :-) I am hoping to do a long run this weekend.

    Peanut sauce + veggies sounds really creative and delish, Kim!

  3. how come your car is in the shop? your Talia story was cute!

  4. hmmmm....squats?! I'll keep that one in my arsenal of sleep tactics.

    you are too cute; I can totally hear your voice as I read your blog. I miss you!


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