Sunday, January 17, 2010

no picture post

I don't have any pictures to go along with this (and make it more fun), but here goes anyway.

Yesterday I got a belated Christmas present in the mail from my mom - a fleece Kentucky blanket!!!  Very exciting.  I wrapped up in it while Dave and I just happened to catch the end of the UK/Auburn game on TV - a close one!  Kentucky won, so my blanket has now been imbued with good luck.  Last night the Colts also played - and won - so it was a very happy sports day in our house.

Earlier on Saturday I went to Notre Dame with Richele for a bridal expo.  We got free cake and chocolate mousse and wedding cake shaped cookies and chocolate covered somethings that were really sweet and good... oh, and Richele got wedding ideas.  Clearly I was just excited for free desserts?  We also got to demo a photo booth - and then got to keep the pictures!  If we had a scanner (and if I knew how to work it), I would have it here to show.  The people said they're going to put it on their blog since they liked the way ours turned out.  If that happens I'll post the link.  We also got to watch a bridal fashion show, which was fun and silly and sometimes awkward when the announcer tried to tell us about the male "eye candy" about to stroll down the aisle (um, it's a room full of engaged women and their mothers?).  We were fortunate to sit next to a groom who would thumbs up or thumbs down the dresses to his fiancee.  Richele and I didn't really agree with his selections.  That boy likes bedazzle.

This afternoon my cousin-in-law, Jami, is hosting a free kickboxing class for friends and family!  Amanda and I are going to go - I'm so excited!

And now I'm going to finish my coffee and head outside for a run.  It is still staying in reasonable temperatures around here and I want to get as many outside runs in as I can before it gets bitter again.

Happy weekend!!


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