Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sloppy joes and sloppy janes

His and hers:
I used the sauce I won in a giveaway a few months back - cranberry barbecue - to make sandwiches for Dave and I - turkey for Dave, blackeyed peas and kidney beans for me.  We paired it with green beans (plus some peas for me).  The sauce was good (I was a little unsure about cranberry + bbq) and had a tinge of sweetness to it, which Dave especially loved.  I'm not a huge barbecue connoisseur, so I can't really judge how good it was, but it made for yummy sandwiches!

Finished the meal with a square of raspberry chocolate.  I've had a serious sweet tooth the past few weeks - I blame Christmas cookies for kicking me over from normal consumption to a tad excessive.  While I certainly enjoy the taste, I think over-sugaring does some wacky stuff to me, including making me a little moody (anyone else or am I totally making that up?).  I need to back off a little!  (For the record, I do not consider one piece of chocolate overdoing it.  But I've been eating other sugary things, too - ice cream, other chocolates, cookies, etc.)

After dinner we enjoyed a few episodes of Arrested Development, which is one of my favorite shows.  Dave has seen a few episodes but not all, so we're starting in season 1 and working our way through again.  We just love it.  If you haven't seen it, do!

Dave is at a church meeting tonight for a few hours so I'm going to head over to the gym and get a workout in.  I'm hoping new years resolutions haven't caused a sudden influx in gym attendance - I rather enjoy having my choice of treadmills!


  1. I've been told by multiple people that Jeremy and I must see Arrested Development. Another one to put on our list!

  2. we just started the big bang theory - so up joel's alley - have you guys seen it?
    we've never seen arrested development but have heard lots of good things about it!

    i LOVE barbecue sauces - your new one sounds yummy!


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