Sunday, February 28, 2010

lazy blogger

I have not posted much this week!  Here are my excuses:
  • Not much to talk about.  My meals this week ended up either being leftovers or not tasting as awesome as I had hoped.
  • No pictures.  I pretty much forgot to take pictures of... everything.
  • Sick.  Okay, I'm not really that sick, but I haven't felt 100% all week either.  I still have a weird throat thing (thankfully not with sinus issues or much of a cough) and have felt my energy levels take a big hit.
Okay, so the main reason is just that I haven't felt like I had much to talk about!  It's been a very ordinary week, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but makes for boring blog posts.

Eats for the week (that will remain unpictured and also unreciped.  Trust me, they weren't worth it.): last night I made green supreme pasta from one of the vegetarian cookbooks Kel let me borrow.  Basically you puree broccoli, milk, olive oil, salt, and garlic.  In theory this sounds good, but it really required a lot of salt and parmesan to get any actual taste out.  Blah blah bland.  I had made more lentil slop last week to eat this week but it didn't turn out the same and I'm having motivation problems to get myself to eat it again.  And this morning I'm baking for the coffee hour at church and, to be perfectly honest, I've totally cheated.  I had 2 Jiffy muffin mixes in the cupboard since who knows when and decided it was time to use them.  I tried to bone them up a little bit, but I'm not sure it really did much.  I also put them in bar form since cleaning out the muffin tin is a strange pet peeve of mine.  I added oatmeal and craisins to the blueberry muffins mix, chocolate chips and oatmeal to the apple cinnamon, and then just made straight up lemon poopyseed poppyseed from a mix, too. I'm pretty sure they fit in my category of the week of "just average."

Dave and I head to Grand Rapids this afternoon for a Michael Franti/John Mayer concert (Dave's birthday present).  We're planning to get to the hotel early, check in, and watch some Olympics hockey while we chill.  We wanted to get there early to snag cheap hotel parking instead of expensive concert parking!  To save some $$$ we're packing leftovers for dinner and microwaving them in the hotel room.  Classy!

I'm off to make some oats, clean up the house, pack, and figure out the lunch/dinner situation.  After church I'll hit the gym, take a fast shower, and then we'll be off!  I promise some more pictures in the next post!


  1. the green supreme pasta sounds so good- wonder why it was so bland!? totally jealous of your concert tonight. michael franti and john mayer- not a combination i would have guessed. i am sure it will be awesome!

  2. no wonder you aren't taking pictures of food
    i don't want to look at the poopyseed muffins :(


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