Thursday, February 25, 2010

I told you so

I'm feeling much better today - and only ice cream can be the reason, right?  I didn't feel good this morning when I first woke up so I skipped working out again.  I feel much better tonight and a run is probably feasible, but I decided to just take the night to rest and lay low so that tomorrow I can be even stronger!

I made baked oatmeal again today, but in a smaller pan so it would be thicker, and with chocolate chips instead of craisins.  It's delicious and cakey!  Dave snacked on some at lunch with frothed warm milk:
(Dave takes much better pictures than me... and has excellent presentation, don't you think?)  I had my own with some plain yogurt.  YUM!  Love love love this!

I made brussel sprouts again tonight and got them out before they charred.  Those are some dang good little poppers!

Time for a little peppermint ginseng tea, a zinc immunity lozenge, and maybe some popcorn with the Olympics!

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  1. hey kinkers. glad to hear you are feeling better! that oatmeal (w/ frothed milk?!! wowzers) looks delicious.


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