Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm only doing this for Bob Barker.

Today Mosie goes to get spayed.  When I made the appointment she was in heat, yowling, rolling around, looking completely uncomfortable and being loud and annoying to boot.  Now she's sitting in my lap purring.  The guilt is huge.  My poor Little One.
The worst part is that I take her in at 9:30 this morning and she doesn't come back until 4 on Wednesday!  I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for all the sad crying noises she's going to make once she's loaded in her carrier.

In happier, yummier news, this morning I made cranberry baked oatmeal for Dave to take to staff meeting.  I loaded it up with lots of cinnamon, too.
I used the recipe I found here, but used only 1/2c. brown sugar, subbed 1/2c. applesauce for the butter, added an extra teaspoon of cinnamon, and sprinkled more cinnamon on top.  I didn't get to taste it before Dave took it, but it sure looked and smelled good!  I think there might be some left for me to sample tonight.

I'm planning on gymmin' after I take Mosie to the vet.  Perhaps a hellish hill workout so I can sympathy suffer?  Other jobs for the day: cleaning the bathroom, making some lentil slop, and walking to the library!


  1. Nice title...I was definitely intrigued how you were tying in the great Bobby Barker to your blog. Even though I have heard about the recent adventures of Mosie, I did not see that coming. Good luck, Mosie!!!

  2. the b.o. was delicious! :) thanks!

  3. Thanks for finding and commenting on the blog! you're is great!

    those bars look fantastic! might have to try those in the future!

  4. Yummmm...that oatmeal looks yummy. So do you cut it & serve it in bars? Is it chewy?


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