Wednesday, February 17, 2010

warning: toe picture ahead

Awhile ago I mentioned that my new running shoes were catching on my pinky toe.  The evidence:
(Can you even tell from this picture?)  I'm guessing the nail will eventually fall off, but for now is just nice and purple.  And sorry about my feet.  They're not pretty.

Our friends Rob and Sandy (sometimes known as Randy and Sob) are coming over for dinner tonight.  I have some potatoes to use up, so I think I'm going to make this potato corn leek choswer, with some modifications (skim milk, lots of garlic, oregano and basil, carrots).  Perfect winter food!

I made some more lentil slop yesterday, and this one is by far my best yet!

Lentil Slop w/ Miso
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
Saute together in olive oil for 5 or so minutes.  Add 4c. water and bring to boil.  Add:
1c. lentils
2+T. miso
1+t. curry
1+t. cumin
Boil together with lid tilted until lentils are soft and water is mostly absorbed (was about 40 minutes for me).
**edit** My sister informed me the miso should be added at the end after boiling, as miso loses enzymatic activity when boiled.  

Lunch today, with a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.  Amazing.
I also got some new books on CD today.  My brother-in-law, Mark, suggested I hit up the kids' section.  Such a great idea!  I've got three Laura Ingalls Wilder and one Madeline L'Engle!  I can't wait to re-read hear them!

Recipes I want to try very soon: broccoli arugula soup (thanks, Rachel!) and baked eggs with marinara.  What if there were oats underneath the marinara with the eggs?  OH MY GOSH.  Time for a savory oats breakfast experiment!!

I get to pick up Mosie in 90 minutes!  HOORAY!!!


  1. hooray for potato lovers month! chowder sounds good.
    also, miso is best if added right before serving. since it's fermented, you lose some of the good-for-you enzymatic activity if it's boiled. it'll taste the same if you just dissolve it in the broth at the end.

  2. I have friends' names that I do that to, too! Jeah and Limmy. Also, Stella and I send Mosie some sympathy and a big "Get Well Soon!"

  3. Seriously, who posts a picture of a foot and then soup right next to each other??? Mmmmm...that looks great...

  4. thank you joel! my thoughts exactly! who wants to see a picture of kim's foot period! hehe


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