Sunday, February 21, 2010

snow hopes

I've had TWO great days of running outside!  We had a brief warm spell here on Friday - it was gorgeously sunny and 34 degrees!  Loved that run.  Repeated the outside run yesterday, except it was a little snowier and a little colder, and my legs felt a lot heavier.  They're not used to pavement now that I've been a treadmill junkie the past few weeks.  I need to start hitting up Kel's yoga poses to loosen up my hips and get me stretchy!  Might try a run outside again today, if the weather plays nice?

There's the possibility of a snowstorm moving in tonight... I have my fingers crossed that it hits and hits big time, as it would delay my trip to work tomorrow morning.  Yessss!

We had Lydia's (our niece) first birthday party yesterday.  So fun!  I'm a terrible aunt and failed to take the camera, so I don't have any pictures of the sweet birthday girl.  She had an awful lot of fun with her cake though!  And I had an awful lot of fun with the awesome cake for us guests - chocolate with raspberry filling.  Plus it was a store-bought cake so it had my favorite: store bought icing!  I had a big corner piece... and then maybe another corner piece that Julie (Lydia's mom) generously sent home with me.  We played two games: guess how many Cheerios are in the jar and bottle bowling.  Dave won bottle bowling with a strike and picked up this awesome prize:
Love it.

Also love that I won another giveaway!  Last time I won a blog giveaway it was a bottle of barbeque sauce.  This time I won a running skirt!  Thanks, Tricia!!  I am so excited to get my skirt and give it a try!  Stylin'!

A few days ago I caught Mosie sleeping like this.  Ridiculous!
You may have noticed in some of the yoga pictures that there is a stepladder next to our bed.  Mosie's favorite sleeping spot is on a blanket at the foot of our bed, but since her surgery she hasn't been able to jump up or down... so we put a stepladder there to help her out.  Spoiled much?

And lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome sister, Jilly!  I love you!  Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!


  1. mosie. you're ridiculous.

    p.s. eme wants a playdate...

  2. Yay, for good weather and running skirts. :)


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