Tuesday, March 16, 2010

clicking my heels

I'm incredibly anxious to get home!  4pm can't come soon enough so I can start my drive back to Dave and Mosie!!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the trip.  The BMW tour (at the Greenville, SC plant) was so neat, but they didn't allow cameras into the tour itself.  There were a few cars on display.  Here was my favorite one:
It has a front-entrance door, a small side door, and a sunroof!  Super cute!  The mini (no backseat) version:
This one was also pretty great.
I took a picture of the plaque that went along with this because I thought Dave would find it interesting... but some of you might, too!
The tour itself wound through most of the plant - we covered about a mile and a half, but the plant itself is bigger than that (crazy!).  We got to see the robots putting together the metal structure of the car (I felt like I was inside the Transformers movie), then saw the car through the various stages of assembly - both automated and by hand.  It was really cool!  The tour took about an hour and a half and only cost $5!  I'm hoping sometime Dave can come along for the tour, too.  The only downside of the tour was you didn't get a free car at the end.  C'mon!

Saturday we went to downtown Greenville to this really beautiful park.  They have a big suspension bridge over the water - you can feel the bridge swaying with people and the wind.  
Close up of the waterfall/rapids.  The water was muddy brown from all the rain.  Normally it's much clearer!
Gorgeous, eh?  Why doesn't Indiana have stuff like this?

The whole gang of us from the weekend.  Too bad I don't have faces for you!
Jill (sister), Ann (aunt), Laura (cousin), Penny (aunt), Paul (uncle), dad, mom, Lyn (uncle), Alice Ann (cousin), John (cousin).  

Other than BMW and the park we did some shopping in downtown Greenville, went to Old Time Pottery (a catch-all home/garden/kitchen store), played lots and lots of games, and ate lots and lots of food (especially Pennsylvania pretzels).

The next family get together (a girls' weekend at Kelly's in PA in July!) can't come soon enough!  Still, have I mention how much I'm looking forward to being home tonight????

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