Wednesday, March 17, 2010


**Sports side note.  Expect these for the next few weeks of tournament.  Skip if you want.  I won't know, so I can't be hurt and astonished that you don't want to read about March Madness and Kentucky!*** So I may or may not have a voracious love for Kentucky basketball.  I may or may not have a stack of tshirts in the closet that are ready to be made into a blanket or pillowcases or something.  I may or may not have a giant fleece blanket.  I may or may not have sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a few tshirts.  I may or may not have a jersey.  I may or may not have a coffee mug (or 2), some pens, a tiny UK basketball on my car's dash, a notepad, and earrings.  I may or may not.

Kentucky is a one seed this year, which means the tournament (while always enjoyable) might be a bit more exciting for me this year.  If you're interested, here's my bracket.  Note: past years I have spent hours (and I do mean hours) reading and researching at espn, fox sports, cbs sportsline, etc.  This year I just winged it from what I knew of teams or coaches.  I have Kentucky winning it all, which I'm really only 50/50 sure of, but hey, you gotta root for your boys, especially if they do have a chance.  The thing is, I think Kentucky might be a little too young/inexperienced/inconsistent to win it.  We've have a lot of close-call games, where we won by a tiny little bit at the end... and that just can't fly in tourney play, round after round.  But I will put them on my bracket and I will wish and hope and pray and cheer (and yes, maybe cry if they don't)!  ***End side note.***

It is so good to be HOME.  Last night Dave and and I went for a walk around town - it was beautiful out!  We Dave also assembled this:
Do you like the hard water mineral deposit build up all over the faucet?  Recently our under the cabinet paper towel holder broke.  This caused big problems, as we don't have counter space to set a roll around.  Then I found this lovely shelf in SC - problems solved!  Plus, I love the basket that gets my scrubbers and brush up off the sink!

I got my running skirt in the mail while I was gone!  It's supposed to be 60 today so I might be able to wear it for a run outside!  I'll be sure to let you know how I like it once I wear it.  It is super cute.  And I love that it has pockets!  I'm thinking I maybe should have gotten the next size up (maybe they run small?), but it's stretchy and hey, I have no shame, so I'll wear it regardless.

On the list for today: grocery shopping, cleaning the house, dropping my car off at the mechanic's (yay...), running, and helping at Richele's classroom.

Did you miss this face?  I did.
Although right now she's chasing her own tail and whining to be played with.  Perhaps I should give in.

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  1. here is some mom advice for you- on the mineral deposit on your kitchen sink should buy a bottle of limeaway and go at it with an old toothbrush!


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