Monday, March 29, 2010

miscellaneous Monday

What makes for a good start to a Monday morning?  Chocolate cake!!!  A girl in my office is an aspiring cake decorator and occasionally brings in practice cakes for the office to enjoy.  Today's was a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Yes, I had some before 8:30am even hit.  It totally made my day and my attitude better.

Last night the pain in my legs continued to increase - I pretty much felt like I was getting stabbed through the kneecaps.  I haven't had knee pain in years and years, so it was uncomfortable and really frustrating.  I ended up emailing Brooks, telling them how disappointed I was in the GTS 9's, and asking for a refund or discount on future shoes.  We'll see how they respond?

In the meantime, I did some research on the new GTS 10's and found that they've gotten very good reviews for being closer to the GTS 8 model, which was very popular (and which I would buy again but couldn't find online in my size).  I ordered a pair of GTS 10's from  They'll get here on Wednesday.  I should hear back from Brooks by then and if they do offer me a discount or refund, I'll return the shoes to endless (free shipping and free returns!) and go through Brooks.  But this way if Brooks offers me nothing, I'll have a good pair of shoes to run in.  And look how pretty these are!
Purple!!  Well, "blackberry" technically, but pretty all the same!

So all in all my Monday is feeling pretty good right now.  Chocolate cake, new purple shoes, and a new purple swimsuit to testdrive after work tonight!

What's making your Monday?

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  1. I just emailed Brooks too! I hope they give me a refund. The GTS 9s are just not up to par with Brooks' usual quality. Your new shoes are so cute! I got my Glycerin 7s in the mail today. Too bad I can't run in them until my dumb ankle can fit into a normal shoe. ha.


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