Sunday, March 28, 2010

all in a Sunday

After my long run yesterday I thought I would do a shorter run this morning just to shake out my legs and keep them loose.  I am still pretty stiff - moreso than I normally am after long runs.  I'm wondering if it's my shoes?  These are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9.  I've never had problems with Brooks before - in fact, I've always loved them.  I started wearing these at the beginning of February, so they really shouldn't be broken down or ready to retire yet (I have near but not quite 300 miles on them).  From the beginning I've had slightly more foot issues than normal - I lost my pinky toenail on my left foot, I had some pretty intense pain in my left foot, and today my legs feel rough after Saturday's long run.  Normally I can tell when I need new shoes by months I've had them, looking at the sole of the shoe, and by how my legs are feeling.  These I've had 2 months (normally could go around 4), the soles look fine, but already my legs are really feeling it.  I'm definitely feeling the pounding in my legs.  No good.  I just read some reviews of this model 9 online and it sounds like it has been a pretty unpopular model - a lot of people have had foot/leg problems or just discomfort with these.  Maybe I'm not the only one?  In any case, I'm going to try some insoles first, to see if those help.  But if not, I'll be looking for new shoes - either back to the model 8 or up to model 10... if I read good reviews on it.

Now.  On to more exciting things!  Like lentil slop!  How pretty are these ingredients?
Cooking away.

Also some freshly roasted almonds.
Not pictured: fresh sheets on the bed (my favorite!) and, of course, basketball.

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  1. I have the GTS 9's, too, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. Mine are not quite to 300 miles, and they are already giving me signs that they're worn out. Boo. I might try Mizunos (I'm a flatfooted supinator, which is weird, I know). Have you ever worn them?


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