Monday, March 8, 2010

office surprise!

Dave came down to Marion with me this morning, making the drive WAY more fun for the following reasons (in no particular order):
  • I ate my oatmeal with less danger of causing a car accident.
  • A real live person to talk to!  (Bonus points that it's my best friend!)
  • I got to take a 20 minute nap.  
  • I rode shotgun and didn't have to drive.
One of my coworkers is out today so I took her space heater from her cube and it's awesome!  I'm actually WARM in the office!  A miracle!

I went with my coworkers to the university cafeteria for lunch.  You'd think this would make for a subpar lunch but it's quite the opposite.  I had a delicious spinach and greens salad with black beans, peas, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and super delicious hummus.  Also pear, apple sauce, and a little bit of soft serve with chocolate chips.  So good!

This afternoon Dave surprised me with a visit... and came with gifts!  (Photo courtesy of my low-quality cell phone.)
A sweet card, raspberry chocolate, and flowers!  I have the best husband, yes?

Tonight we're going with friends to a frozen custard place and hanging out.  Yes, they serve more than frozen custard... although I wouldn't complain if they didn't.

All in all, a pretty dang good Monday!  Maybe I need another square of that chocolate?

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