Friday, April 30, 2010

20 = done!

Highlights of a good, but mostly unremarkable run:
Mile 9: Bathroom pit stop at the assisted living facility.  This is becoming a long run norm.  Thanks, old people.
Mile 10: First Gu: chocolate outrage.  Tastes exactly like brownie batter.  For some that could probably be stomach-turning in the middle of a run... I found it amazing and delicious.  I want more of this.  Maybe just for dessert.
Mile 15: Ipod starts randomly turning the volume up to full blast.  Ear drums split.  I finally fix the problem by putting the ipod on lock (duh).
Mile 16: Time for the vanilla gingerbread Gu.  Made the mistake of squeezing the packet and seeing the yellow glittery gelatin... shoved it in my mouth anyhow.  Tasted like a gingerbread cookie with frosting.  Not my most favorite thing mid-run, but felt like a sugar jolt.
Mile 18: Vanilla Gingerbread burp.  Not delicious.
Mile 20: 3:07:27, not including the bathroom and a few short stops where I had to readjust the camelpak so it didn't rub my skin raw.  Glad to be done, but if I had to keep going, I could have I think.

I'm off to make a veggie burger wrap and to head to Richele's class!

April run total: 144.5 miles
Swim total: 8 miles


  1. Nice work, champ! Your April total is nothing to sneeze at. I'm proud of you for being so committed.

    My new Brooks running shoes just came in the mail yesterday; I'm so excited to try them out. I've been taking this week off running b/c of my IT band. I am going to try a short run on Saturday. It's worked out well b/c it's the end of the semester and I've been so busy.

    On that note, today is the last day of the class that I teach! yayyy.

  2. AWESOME job running 20 miles!!! So impressive and inspirational!!! :)

  3. congrats on your 20 miler. i found it particularly hilarious that you stopped at a nursing home because i'm doing my geriatric rotation right now, and the residents are downright entertaining.


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