Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's been a busy weekend - yesterday I left in the morning for a wedding - stopped in Marion to carpool with my ex-roomie and good friend, Leslie.  Then we drove to Ohio, partied with the bride, ate delicious Asian-inspired food (made by the bride and groom!) and came on home.  I got back last night at 10:45 and dropped in to bed at 11.  Slept in this morning til 6:30 - I was tired and Dave wasn't feeling well.  Now coffeed and cheerio-ed up and headed out for a brief run before church.  We have graduation today for Dave's little sister... so I might not post again til Monday!  We'll see!  Hopefully I'll have some wedding pictures to show you later - they had some cool stuff going on.  (Leslie, can I steal pictures from you since I was lame and didn't have my camera?  Please?)

Also, I won a spiralizer from Emily!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Happy weekend!!


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