Friday, April 30, 2010

It's before 5am. Why wouldn't I be blogging?

I'm soon headed out for my long run.  Dave says "20 miles ain't no thang.  I give it the stink eye!"
 Mosie takes a more recumbent response.
I'll leave you with this: last night I trimmed Mosie's nails.  Per the usual, she got a "Whisker Lickin's" as a reward.  And then she went absolutely lick-crazy.  So we filmed it.  This is 36 seconds of about 5 full minutes of out of control licking... paws, body, and lots and lots of air-licks.
I just noticed that Mosie has 47 tags on the blog... and Dave has 27.  Is that a problem?


  1. i am impressed you are awake, blogging, and even taking pics at 5 am! good job sister! i get up at 5:20 everyday if that makes you feel any better. mosie licking herself, well, mostly the air, was pretty funny! hope your run went well! happy friday!

  2. I love that video of Mosie! And I thought it was funny when our cat got all licky after dinner. Mosie takes the cake!

    Have fun on you run!!!


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