Thursday, April 29, 2010

good, bad, ugly

the good: Tomorrow I have a long run planned since I'll be gone Saturday (for Kristi's wedding!).

the bad: I still haven't settled on a route.  Since I'm leaving at 5am I want to pick a well-lit area to run, at least until the sun comes up.  I've been trying to change up my route lately, since I was getting a little bored (yes, me, queen of will run the same route and listen to the same song and watch the same movie and read the same book over and over and over again) but some of my new trails are on unlit streets.  So... back to the drawing board.  I try to have a route picked before I go so I can run with purpose... and so I don't inadvertently cut it short.

the ugly: We have a wind advisory in effect tonight.  I believe at 5am they should be dimished, but still.  A good headwind makes 20 miles feel easy, right?  Right.  At least it'll be in the 50s!

Lately I've been eating peanut butter clif z-bars on my long runs (half a bar at a time), but I have some fuel that's been in the cupboard since Christmas.  It's time to use 'em up.  Which of these look like your favorite?
Let's hope vanilla gingerbread is extra delicious, because it's a 4:1 battle out there.  At least those gingerbread men seem excited to be running.  Maybe I'll channel their frosting joy around mile 18.

Dave and I are enjoying some afternoon coffee.  Check out the mug he brought me!
He's the best.  And that mug?  Also the best.  Look!
My mom and sisters got us this set of 4 for our wedding... one in each season (this is spring I think - per the daffodil).  See the K+D '08 on the tree? Now look here:
I love these mugs so much!  And if you go here, you, too, could have some awesome mugs (or plates or bowls or whatever!)!  Everything there is beautiful!

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  1. Daaang...20 miles?! Good luck with that. Hope your gingerbread goo brings you speedy running. :-)

    Love those cute and artsy!


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