Thursday, April 29, 2010

bathroom veggie burgers

This morning I decided to try to make veggie burgers.  I used the recipe found here, but with a few modifications (Kidney beans instead of chickpea.  Almond flour because I currently have no other flour in the house.  Ridiculous.  Extra spinach because I don't have red pepper.  A T. of salsa because it needed some wetness to get around the food processor.  Sesame seeds instead of pumpkin seeds.  Extra basil since I don't have dill... wow, that seems like a lot of modifications.).  Because it's baby day, I had to use the food processor in the bathroom (our only room that has a door), so Talia could keep on with her morning nap.  Hence, bathroom veggie burgers!  Delicious!

Apparently I've been neglecting my onions.
I could see the little stalk peeking up over the side of the bin.

A burger pre-baking:
And post:
I liked these!  They were a good texture and tasted great!  I would say that if you don't like sunflower seeds you won't like these - the sunflower seed taste was pretty obvious, which was totally fine with me!  These would have been unbelievable if I'd had some tomato and avocado to go along!

Off to wash some dishes!

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  1. Kim, there's this all-vegetarian restaurant in Columbus that sells broccoli burgers! They are SO yummy, I bet you would love them. I'm going to try to figure out how to imitate them, they're that good. I think I like veggie burgers more than regular! Are you headed toward mostly an all-vegetarian diet? I think I'd go there, if not for a hubby who doesn't care for lots of beans/lentils... Sacrifice in marriage, right?! ;-)


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