Wednesday, April 14, 2010

birthday, day 2

Turns out my massage is today... hooray for extended birthdays!  Expect me to be a loosey-goosey blissed out woman come 3pm.

My birthday run yesterday was a little slow and uncomfortable.  Turns out eating half a pint of ice cream, even if it was 3 hours prior, does not make for a stellar run.  Shocking.  Still, I enjoyed it all the same, as it was brilliantly sunny and gorgeous out!

We finished off my birthday yesterday with popcorn and Arrested Development and fruit leftover from the baby shower this past weekend.  We've got lots of food in the fridge to eat today and tomorrow before we leave Friday for Ohio.  Good thing it's delicious fruit and veggie leftovers!

Heading out for a run now!  Then it's tax day for us... nothing like waiting til the last minute!


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